CLEAN + CLEAR: The ONLY Formula You Will Ever Need To Maintain Your Pool.

Formulated in 1977, CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS is the original mineral formula for the natural treatment of in-ground pools, above ground pools, hot tubs, and spas.

Watch the secrets of EASY pool maintenance

It’s is available in two convenient sizes, 1 KG and 3 KG. Whether you have an in-ground pool, above ground pool or hot tub/spa. CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS is your D.I.Y treatment and maintenance formula. The Quick Guide D.I.Y chart lets you quickly determine how much you need.

Our patented mineral formula clears existing algae as well as stops future algae growth.

CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS creates an environment unsuitable for all the growth of all forms of algae (green, yellow, and black algae). When sprinkled across the pool surface the minerals are absorbed, and algae are eliminated naturally.

Easy Instructions on Using C-Pool

Balances PH

Whether your pH is too high or too low, CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS will balance your pH bringing it into optimal pH range. No more taking samples to your local pool store – you can do it all yourself.  How to Raise or Lower Water Alkalinity

Conditions Water

The natural mineral formula leaves your water feeling silky and smooth, and your skin will be noticeably softer. The life of your swimwear and filter system is prolonged. Think differently about the chemical RANGES and substitute the concept of goals or target readings.

Captures Dirt

Our patented mineral formula clarifies the water by capturing dirt and all of the suspended particles making your pool water crystal clear. Rain & Storm Pool Care Guide


Reduces Chlorine and Salt Use

CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS helps to reduce chlorine and salt usage by up to 50%, for a healthier pool at a lower cost. Chlorine FACTS vs MYTHS

C-Pool has been around since 1979. Watch a classic video on How to Use.