raising alkalinity

How to raise or lower alkalinity

The state or level of Alkalinity acts as a buffer (resists change) for pH. Buffers are important because having the right amount and type of buffers keeps the pH from changing. If the alkalinity is too high it will raise pH. If there is low buffering (low alkalinity), it will lower the pH. Alkalinity and pH are related. Changing one will change the other.

Chemical additive or action pH TA
Acid Goes down Goes Down
Soda ash Goes up Goes Up
Bicarbonate of soda No change Goes Up
Aeration and bubbling* Goes up No change

*The pH of water can be raised without raising alkalinity by aeration or turbulence. Knowing how to do this will allow you to balance the water perfectly to pH 7.5 and alkalinity of 90 ppm in a matter of hours or maybe a day.