CLEAN & CLEAR TM Perfect water warranty.

Our Brand is Our Promise

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Remarkable products should have astounding warranties.

Either a product performs as a seller boasts, or it doesn’t. C-Pool CLEAN & CLEAR TM offers
swimmers a remarkable swimming experience. Our all natural minerals keep pools free of
discoloring algae and diamond clear all season.

Clean & Clear has a written warranty.

Clean & Clear users can rest easy knowing that their investment in Clean & Clear is fully
warranted. We are so confident in the performance of our product that our company offers, in
writing, to remedy any pool that does not achieve diamond clear water after using our product.
This goes way beyond a money-back warranty. We make things right for our customers.

This is how:

The product works as claimed. We make water clarity and water health claims that we know we
can substantiate after over 44 years in business. We know all water is not the same depending
upon region and depending upon environment. What we are saying is that with our product we
restore the natural balance to the water. Once achieved, water tends to behave uniformly.

From time to time, remedial action is required to fix situations. Our warranty specifies the
remedies and we have a North American toll free number for customer service or advice.

Warranty Highlights

C-Pool is the only company in our Industry that offers remedial services on pool water clarity.
Because we know it works every time, all the time.

Our Promises:

1) Noticeable improvement in water clarity         

2) 50% savings in chorine demand

3) Elimination of all algae and cloudy water

4) Substantially less maintenance

5) A dramatic reduction in chemicals, notably chlorine/bromine, clarifiers, algaecides,
and pH adjusters

6) Fresher water and cleaner, silky feel


Our remedial service process:

This product warranty has a term of one (1) summer season during the year of
In the event of dissatisfaction with the promised results (above) after having followed
the prescribed usage instructions, C-Pool Minerals Inc. will:

  • Provide professional pool advice by telephone, toll-free during
    normal business hours (1-855-824-7643) or by email (info@c-poolandspa.com)
  • If our advice does not solve the problem, C-Pool Minerals Inc. will send at NO
    ADDITIONAL COST, product, or products, to remedy the situation. Customers
    will only pay a one-time, fixed rate shipping/handling cost of $20 (anywhere in
    North America).
  • If the problem persists, C-Pool Minerals Inc. will arrange to have a professional
    visit the owner’s location at NO ADDITION COST to the owner. The location
    must be within fifty miles of a major city, or travel costs will apply.

Conditions Apply:

TO OBTAIN REMEDIAL SERVICES – Claims must be made within the (summer) season of purchase.

Claims will only be considered subject to:

  • Customer has followed the prescribed usage instructions.
  • Adequate product has been used
  • No remedial attempts have been made other than those recommended by C-Pool.
  • Filtration system is working properly
  • Proof of purchase

EXCLUSIONS – Claims will not be accepted by C-Pool Minerals when conditions, within the owner’s control, have not been met or are occurring:

  • Failure to open the pool properly as per the pool manufacturers recommendations
  • Failure to take reasonable care to remove debris and organic matter
  • Failure to properly maintain the pool on a weekly basis as prescribed in our instructions
  • Failure to clean / change / replace or backwash filter
  • Inadequate levels of chlorine or bromine
  • Damage caused by naturally occurring events that may adversely challenge the clarity of the pool
  • Any structural damage
  • Any stains whatsoever
  • Poor or weak filtration