Chemical Ranges

Think differently about the chemical RANGES and substitute the concept of goals or target readings.

Reading for Specific Reading Goal Reason Why
pH 7.5 pH and Alkalinity and CYA affect one another. pH is buffered from TA, CYA
Total Alkalinity (TA) 90 ppm Alkalinity is normally the buffer against pH decrease. If pH drifts up, lower goal to 80 ppm. If pH drifts down, raise goal to 100 ppm.
Cyanuric Acid (CYA) 50 ppm Not higher than 50 ppm. CYA is also a buffer against pH decrease. CYA protects chlorine against degradation from sunlight and controls the amount of chlorine available for disinfection and oxidation.
Calcium Hardness 250 ppm vinyl pools 350 ppm concrete NEVER below 150 ppm. Maximum can be greater if source water has high calcium and magnesium minerals. Lower pH and TA to lower calcium.