CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS Perfect Water Warranty

  • Noticeable improvement in the water clarity
  • Dramatic reduction in chemicals, notably chlorine/bromine, clarifiers, algaecides and pH adjusters
  • Wonderful silky feel to the water
  • Substantially less maintenance


This product warranty has a term of one (1) summer season during the year of purchase. If you have followed the prescribed usage instructions and you are not completely satisfied with CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS, C-Pool Minerals Inc. will:

Provide professional pool advice by telephone, toll-free during normal business hours (1-855-824-7643) or by email ([email protected])

If our advice does not solve the problem, C-Pool Minerals Inc. will send at NO ADDITIONAL COST, product or products to remedy the situation. Customers will only pay a one-time, fixed rate shipping/handling cost of $20 (anywhere in North America).

If the problem persists, C-Pool Minerals Inc. will arrange to have a professional visit the owner's location at NO ADDITION COST to the owner. The location must be within fifty miles of a major city, or travel costs may apply.

Toll Free: 1-855-824-7643

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