$99 Spring Special (2021)

$78.28 (USD)

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1. (3 Kg) Granular Pool and Spa Algaecide

The 3.0 kg pail lasts a seasonal year for pools up to 18 x 36. Works with saltwater pools! It contains 25 scoops (4 oz per scoop).

A full year’s supply. C-Pool Mineral treatment will clarify, stabilize and flock your water in addition to eliminating all forms of algae. It is a balance of 100% naturally occurring minerals formulated to create a habitat unsuitable for algae growth in all forms. Because there are no harmful additives the water will be softer on your skin and healthier for your body.

  • A marvellous balance of naturally occurring minerals
  • When dissolved in your pool, they combine to create a habitat unsuitable for all algae
  • The water will be diamond clear, soft on our skin and easy on your swimwear
  • Drastically reduces the need for chlorine and the need to run the pump filter
  • Eliminate expensive harsh treatment chemicals like phosphate removers, clarifiers, pH adjusters, algaecides
  • Conditions water to return to its natural balance, freeing up chlorine to work on bacteria
  • Saltwater pools use chlorine generators to kill bacteria and (mostly) algae. Adding C-Pool has proven to extend the life of the generator cells by killing and preventing 100% of the algae and using less salt.

2. Pool Water Test Strips – Easy To Use Commercial Pro-grade Reliability

You have to test your pool water on a regular basis to determine if the chemical levels are in the satisfactory range. What chemicals do you put into the water to create a clean and safe swimming environment?

Features of the Test strips:

  • Commercial Pro-grade reliability
  • 6 parameters
  • 100 strips
  • Double moisture sealed for accuracy
  • Desiccant inside for moisture capture
  • Date of manufacture stamped
  • Expiry date stamped
  • Tests for:
  1. Total alkalinity
  2. Free chlorine
  3. pH
  4. Cyanuric acid
  5. Total hardness
  6. Total chlorine

3. FREE Shipping

4. FREE Beach Ball

5. Perfect Water Warranty


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