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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

The number one cause is a filter. Because there are many possible causes of cloudy pool water, accurate water testing is the first step in fixing a cloudy pool. If the parameters are OK, then check your filtration system.
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How to Fix a Green Pool After Rain

With heavy rainfall, the chemicals in your pool can become unbalanced; your pH levels altered and your chlorine, salt and mineral content diluted. In addition, leaves, dirt and algae spores get delivered into your pool water and can decompose, causing phosphates to be deposited into your water. Pools situated close to farm fields are particularly…
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Green Pool Water

Easy instructions on fixing a Green Swimming Pool

A. I removed my cover and my pool is dirty green. We suggest the following procedure: 1. You should be able to see the bottom. Remove debris from the pool floor with a large leaf net . Make sure you can see the pool bottom before vacuuming to waste to avoid clogging the lines. 2.…
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CPool and Spa CLEAN & CLEAR works! That’s the honest truth

Let’s take the mystery out of spa care products, shall we? Fragrances. We suggest that you don’t add excess liquid perfumes and fragrances to the water because it contaminates the water with an oily slick. It could promote foaming and tub rings. While the filter should cope with it, it adds an unnecessary burden on…
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enzymes in spas

What mysterious things do enzymes do in a spa?

The quick answer is that enzymes are an important additive to spa water to help keep it clean, clear, and fresh and safer by allowing sanitizers to work easier and faster. Enzymes are biological catalyzers, capable of causing (or accelerating) a chemical reaction without altering the change itself.  They are proteins that, when paired with…
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Copper Safe For Pools

Copper Has Been Proven Safe For Thousands Of Years

In the age of pandemics, it is enlightening to remember that our ancient ancestors were already clued into the medicinal properties of copper. See Washington Post article. The ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize their drinking water, cure headaches, and help with skin conditions. Even the ancient Aztec civilization used copper for medical purposes, including gargling…
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